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About us

Tanin Sevnica has been selling its trademark globally on all continents since 1923. We are a global leading company, selling plant extracts for various uses, from technical extracts for leather industry to natural extracts, used for animal nutrition and food (oenology). In 1980s Tanin focused especially on animal nutrition.

In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, there is an increasing demand for high quality meat, milk and eggs. We aim to play a leading role in the research and development of sustainable feed product solutions and actively pursue our goal to become a leading force in the products for feed and drinking water on the market. We use high-quality tannin extracts and saponins as the foundation for our work.
Research and Development

A good research team managed to further specialize in the production of salt of butyric acid and glycerides (SCFA and MCFA). New techniques have been used, such as microencapsulation and coating of different active components to achieve synergy effects. Today, we have unique experience in this field. Together with our customers, we identify, develop, and apply distinct programs to ensure optimal results.

We dedicate ourselves to provide our customers with products for feed and drinking water that promote animal health and performance while reducing the use of antibiotics in the feed chain.
Our innovative approach, thorough experience, know-how, and strong relationships with partners worldwide enable us to continuously develop the new solutions that meet the industries current and future demands.
Tanin promotes the social and economic growth of its employees and of the local communities service and product quality
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