Vodilni v razvoju funkcionalnih inovacij in inovativnih rešitev za vsakdanje in prihodnje izzive.

Project description:

The goal of the investment is to establish industrial production of tannin-based multi-component active ingredients. The company Tanin Sevnica d.d. is primarily engaged in the production of tannins from wood biomass (chestnut, oak), which serve as an active ingredient or active substance to achieve many positive effects in farm animals (optimal balance of intestinal microflora, better digestion and absorption of nutrients, antibacterial and antiparasitic effects, animal welfare in stressful situations, etc.). Until now, pure tannin extracts have been used as feed additives, and within the framework of this investment we intend to increase the production of multi-component active ingredients, which will provide positive effects with lower dosage of tannin extract in combination with proteins and other carriers. This is the latest and breakthrough technology with innovative micro- and nano-formulations of tannin extracts. In this way, the reduction of input raw materials and energy in the production process of the company will be achieved. Thus, the investment envisages the purchase of a new production lines for microencapsulation, coating and special products (liquids and gels). The technology have been so far tested at the laboratory and pilot level, and with this investment we are establishing a large-scale industrial level of production in this area. In addition, the investment also includes the purchase of production facilities (production hall) next to the existing location. The investment represents a significant change in the company's entire production process, as the Furfural and Na-acetate production program, whose production was less environmentally friendly and the final products represented lower added value per unit, will be abolished. With this project, the company wants to focus entirely on its main activity, the production of tannin products, and in the future to focus primarily on the FEED program (tannin based supplements for Animal Feeding). This will increase productivity and long-term competitiveness of the company and achieve higher added value of products. At the same time, we want to ensure a breakthrough into new global markets, especially in North America and Australia.

The investment is funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU and is part of the European Recovery and Resilience Plan. The project is partly co-financed within the framework of the Public Tender for the Promotion of Large Investments for Greater Productivity and Competitiveness in the Republic of Slovenia. The total value of the project is 5,054,555 EUR, the amount of co-financing from the mechanism is 1,799,421.58 EUR.

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