podjetje tanin sevnica


Back in 1932 a joint-stock company Jugo-tanin d.d. was founded. Besides the in-country capital the French firm TT Tanin's Rey had also joined the establishment. From years 1924-1925 the factory was in building, and regular manufacturing started in 1926. Then already had a part of manufacture been intended for the in-country Yugoslav market, and part for export market.

There was a great emphasis on the updating of technology throughout the time of work. The first chestnut extracts were in liquid form and were transported to tanneries in wooden barrels. In 1954 Jugotanin was one of the first in the south of Europe to initiate pulverising on the dispelling drying-room and make the product in dust form.

From the wood chips after production – extraction of tannin – the company began manufacturing furfural in 1973. The technology was a fruit of home knowledge and is still in use today as a discontinued procedure. Of course many improvements were initiated throughout the decades, so today's manufacture of furfural in fully automated.

A care for the environment has also been a constant. There are two important boundry stones that have made it possible for the factory to be modern. The first one is burning of waste biomass for production of heat and electrical energy, the second is conquesting technology of cleaning all waste waters from the manufacturing process. Cleaning waste waters after production of furfural was especially difficult.

Nowadays we are a factory with new, environment-friendly products. Our plans of constant development are based on knowledge and consideration of the fact that the factory is part of the environment it is placed in and responsible for.

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