quality prehrana živali ikonca
  • ISO 9001:2008
a mark of quality
  • GMP+ Standard B1

For animal diet.

  • Organic confirmation
for use in organic production
prehrana živali


At Tanin quality is understood as a web of sinergetic activities, that assure high rate of quality in the business system, with a special emphasis on high quality of our products, satisfied employees and especially on satisfied customers. Improving the level of quality on all levels is our constant and strategic orientation. We develop our partnership relations with our customers towards this goal and together we try to find the most optimal solution for satisfaction of both parties. We do the same in our relation to the environment and society. We fulfill all legal obligations. We have initiated all systems for assuring quality, that are demanded for this kind of business and products by the international norms. We operate in accordance with the HACCP system, which recognizes, determines and monitors any risks regarding feed safety.


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